CCS Latest Stable Version: 1.0.8 | Release Date: March 24th, 2019

CCS - QOL Update 2019 - Version 1.0.8

  • Added SL HTTP-out check on Meter Tick - This will force a meter to reset if a users connection through SL HTTP to our server fails.
  • Added 1st Person Melee Support - Users can now fight in 1st person or 3rd person while using melee attacks in CCS
  • Increased combat melee response time to reduce melee communications stacking which was causing hits to occur after a user was no longer being hit by an attacker (OLD API WEAPONS MAY STILL CAUSE A COMMUNICATIONS STACKING ISSUE - Weapons Identified with this issue are the Varen Mass Fighter and Bullet Theory P90 - DEVELOPERS PLEASE CONTACT DIMENTOX TRAVANTI FOR API ADAPTATION TO NEW SL STANDARDS)
  • Added New Combat Hit Sounds for Male/female/androgynous characters
  • Added New Combat Reaction Animation - Characters being hit now have a chance to recoil via animation when being hit
  • Added support for on hit blood spatter particles - Full support for this with new particles is expected for CCS 1.0.9
  • Added Melee Cleave to Multiple Targets - Now all targets in melee range of an attacker have a chance to be hit by single attacks sent from that attacker, meaning multiple targets can be hit with one cleaving blow.

Development is expected to get much faster past this release, we have already road mapped our way to CCS 1.0.9 and CCS 1.1.0 with intent to hit both of those releases through the Spring and Summer of 2019. Melanie is back from a long hiatus due to health issues and Dimentox is now fully integrated with the CCS Development Team, so be on the look out for a ton of new features and amazing new stuff being added to CCS over the rest of this year!

As Always Please:

If you find a bug, or an exploit or something you're finding unacceptable in CCS, please feel free to contact the CCS Support Group, and/or drop me, Suzanna Soyinka, a notecard, in regards to your concerns, what you think really matters and a lot of the changes made to CCS 1.0.1 are directly designed around the thoughts and concerns of the player base. So please, utilize your right to an opinion, send me your concerns, or voice them on the forums at The CoLA/CCS Website, what you think and your needs as the players and owner affiliates of our network is important to me, so make sure you let me know if anything concerns you or bothers you!


Strength - Strength controls the players overall melee damage output, and has some use in bashing in doors and breaking into places that may be locked.

Fortitude - Fortitude controls the bonus to a characters overall Health.

Endurance - Endurance controls the bonus to a characters overall Stamina

Intelligence - Intelligence increases damage output for caster offensive abilities, and healer healing abilities as well as giving all players a level of resistance to skills used against them

Willpower - Determines a characters overall chance to resistance a status effect placed on them by another player.

Perception - Perception controls the players ability to dodge incoming ranged attacks and damage.

Finesse - Finesse controls the players ability to dodge incoming melee attacks.


DAZE - Daze causes a character to be unable to move. They may still attack while dazed, but cannot move for the duration of the effect.

CURSE - Health/Stamina Regeneration is halted, melee damage is reduced to 0.

POISON - Health steadily decreases throughout the duration of the poisoning.

WEAKENED - Melee attacks will only hit for 1 point of damage for the duration of this effect.

CONFUSED - Melee attacks go wild, possibility hitting unintended targets.

BERSERK - Your character loses control and will wildly attack the nearest target, dealing immense amounts of damage to friend or foe.

ARMOR - Armor mitigates damage by a matching its value to the value of the damage recieved, if the armor value exceeds the damage value, the damage is ignored, if the damage value exceeds the armor value, the difference is taken in damage. Armor comes in several versions, but Tank archtypes have the strongest armor of all the archtypes.

BUFFED - Buffs give a variable amount of increase in melee damage output depending on the buff in use, DPS classes have the most efficient and highest damaging buffs available.

HoT - Heal over Time, this effect causes you to gain health at per tick intervals based on the base value of the heal.

DoT - Damage over Time, this effect will cause you to lose health or stamina, on a per tick interval, based on the original value of the DoT base damage, they can be very debilitating.

Information Coming Soon

Information Coming Soon

CCS - Racial Balance Adjustments - 10/31/10

Currently have set a mandatory respec for all Lycan players as I've added two Rage 4 variants now, one for Lycan Stalkers and Brutes, which is set at +47 buff to damage as originally designed and another for Lycan Shaman/Werelocks that is set to +27 buff to damage to balance these two classes.

Cyborg Mechanized has been reduced by 45% per version to put it in line with Tank base Adamant passive damage increases.

Seraphim Redeem numbers did not show as too out of joint in the skill base so I'm leaving them as they are for now, will continue to eyeball this.

Demon Malice is being reviewed for adjustments as its currently negatively affected by the new post 1.0 resistance schema, will update on changes once changes are made.

Mandatory respecs will be issued as required on a race or class basis, a free respec will be issued to the entire network once balance issues are fully reviewed and adjusted, I expect to finish this by November 1st, 2010

Sorry for any inconvenience but these adjustments have been on the table since 1.0.1, I've just been watching the numbers and the class shift in the last respec showed me a lot of facts in regards to where imbalances are currently strongest

CCS 1.0.3 - Hotfix Release

In response to some problems that have been introduced by the new Linden Lab server version which appears to have once again introduced a speed limit without actually telling anyone they were going to, which was causing linkmessages sent between scripts on rez to get dropped if they were being sent faster than a certain rate on rez, I introduced a couple fixes and got some testing feedback from one of our third party devs that originally reported the problem, the fixes appear to work so we're pushing a new meter in response.

I though, personally, hate pushing a new meter simply to fix a Linden introduced problem, but as the current feaures we're working on aren't ready for release and I don't want to leave CCS in a bugged state, and everyones been so patient with us as we get the new web features worked out, I'm issuing a free global respec to the network with this meter release just as a thank you to all the players. You may use it or keep it til you want to use it, its up to you.

CCS 1.0.2 RC4 - Live Release

Okay after a couple of months of work we've killed pretty much all the bugs added a few features, tightened up the CAPTCHA anti-camp system and improved system performance in many ways. So heres the run down on whats coming.

Bugs Fixed:

  • - CCS Meters will no longer suddenly become unresponsive due to a stack heap collision in CCS_MTR_Menus
  • - Meter GM Functions will now no longer become unresponsive after one or two uses in world.
  • - Fixed an issue where lag would cause meters to be able to send an ability two or three times before the cooldown timer was enabled.
  • - Fixed an issue with the Berserk status effect that was causing users, at times, to get stuck in animated position they could not get out of without logging out and logging back in to Second Life
  • - Fixed a problem with XP awards/docks being issued from the database were being overriden by the meter XP total instead of being applied by default.
  • - Re-enabled some caster class abilities to be used from 30 Meters by adding more advanced communications selection usage based on absolute range of the skill as it is set.
  • - Fixed an issue with some legacy /9 commands and /666 commands that were still in the codebase which allowed for exploitation of certain meter functions, these commands have been removed. The commands removed are /9 off, /9 on, /9 reset, we left in functionality for /9 commands so you can create categorical gestures as needed. All legacy (CCS 0.3.0 or previous) /666 commands have been removed entirely.
  • - Guard will no longer pass to offensive target if no defensive target is specified. Guard will only pass to defensive targets or selected targets and is not applicable to Offensive Target in any way.
Feature Additions/Tweaks
  • - CAPTCHA system has been strengthened allowing for dynamic adjustment of the CAPTCHA challenge/answer logic from the database level, allowing us to change the logic of it at any time to ensure we guard against viewer compiles and hostile 3rd party software designed to defeat it.
  • - CAPTCHA system now notifies GM's of the difference between someone hitting the wrong number, and completely being unresponsive, no longer requiring GMs to check on people who simply mistakenly hit the wrong number.
  • - CAPTCHA system has had its answer and question process seperated, the answer to the question on the dialog is stated in System Message in your chat box, you will have to check there to get the right number.
  • - CAPTCHA system now properly notifies the individual that they have answered the CAPTCHA challenge correctly and may return to normal play, rather than leaving a user to wonder if the system has worked.
  • - CAPTCHA challenges should occur less frequently and be properly postponed by combat activity, but will still, regardless of combat activity, send a CAPTCHA challenge within 15 minutes of being postponed by combat to ensure against damage based CAPTCHA avoidance.
  • - Combative and Non-Combative states now give a clear chat message indicating when a user has set themselves to combative or non-combative.
  • - Natural Revives now give a clear chat message indicating that a user has revived naturally after a 5 minute period of unconsciousness.
  • - Race has been removed from the Hidestats feature of the meter, you are no longer forced to reveal your race on the meter while your stats are hidden.
  • - Added database and meter based functionality for the new API percentile damage system, allowing for the API weapons market to start designing weapons that are equally threatening to all levels based on the weapons enhancements alone, making fights more skill and experience focused and not always a case of he who has the biggest weapon wins.
Skill Fixes and Tweaks(So Far)
  • - Tweaked all ability data for skills in game to reflect their true absolute values after percentile cost and damage reductions post 1.0.1
  • - Increased range to 30m on major caster damage payload skills. This does not apply to Hex or Lifetap which still require a 20m range.
  • - Balanced the DoT portion of caster and healer DoT's to reflect their post 1.0.1 base damage, the DoT effect values were still hitting for the original pre-1.0.1 DoT values where the base damage had been reduced by 36%.
  • - All Skills affected by Intelligence or Strength Modifier now have their "Damage to Target" numbers reflected as +var+ (Base), any damage number with (Base) at the end of it indicates a skill's damage will vary depending on pertinent stat investment.
  • - Tweaked Chance to Hit for all secondary status effects, status effects should now hit far more often. Please inform us if they're hitting WAY too often.
  • - Added T7(Level 65/70) and T8(Level 70/75) abilities where appropriate.
  • - Increased Point cost on Malice to 3 points, reduced cooldown to 30 seconds, added intelligence point modifer on base damage hit allowing the damage to scale to the intelligence score of the user.
  • - Increased cooldown on Hex to 25 seconds from 15 seconds due to its multi-class usage.
  • - Reduced Radshot Cooldown to 25 seconds from 45 seconds.
  • - Reduced Redeem Cooldown to 10 seconds from 30 seconds.
  • - Smite base damage now scales with player intelligence score.
  • - Virus Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds, base damage now modified by intelligence score. Fixed issue with Virus 5 and 6 being reversed in the database.
  • - Warcry Cooldown Timer reduced to 30 seconds, duration of status effect reduced to 20 seconds.
  • - Wrack base damage now scales with intelligence of the user.
  • - Wrath Cooldown reduced to 15 Seconds, Intelligence now affects the base damage of the attack.
  • - Added level 30 and 60 versions of the racial regenerative skills with higher returns, renamed Blackregen to DarkRegen due to constraints on button text limits.(You will be able to pick up the DarkRegen versions in the release respec)
  • - Reflexes cooldown timer decreased to 30 seconds, point cost decreased to 2 points, stamina cost decreased to 20. Duration decreased to 10 Seconds
  • - Gave Lycan Shaman and Werelock's Rage-4, Rage-4 has a 120 Second Cooldown as it is usable by all Lycan classes.
  • - Increased will buff duration timer for all versions of Resolute
  • - Added new caster ability Decimate, this offensive ability destroys invulnerable shielding on a target, stripping it and making the target vulnerable to damage once more.
  • - Healing Category Abilities have not been touched, I feel they heal for plenty already, and healers have a ton of abilities to pick and choose from, healer T7 abilities will be Archetypal capstones from level 79 to 90. Least for the moment. If tweaks need to be made I will make them but right now adding higher numbers in the healing category for healers or any other class, makes no sense with the addition of the T2, T4 and T6 Racial Regens now added.
Known Issues:
  • - CCS Meters will not autodetach at 2048m in altitude as scripted, they simply stop working, and cannot be detached until the user is back under 2048m, we believe this to be a SL Server issue and we are attempting to work out where the problem is with this rather simple llDetachFromAvatar function ceasing to function at its established height.
  • - SL2 Viewers depending on viewer and browser combonation are occasionally sending user data URL strings on registration and level up with a question mark at the end of the user name, this is a SL2 viewer specific issue, we are working on parsing the question mark out of the string server side, but it has nothing to do with the data the meter itself is sending from its scripted functions. Its some odd bug in relation to SL2 and certain browser combonations.
  • - Repeatedly spamming an ability key to try to get it to fire multiple times will cause a meter to throw an http error and the functionality of the skill category being spammed will be subjected to the cooldown timer of the ability. This does not affect the system other than causing the ability you're spamming not to work, and forcing you under a cooldown for it regardless, so please, stop key spamming and just hit the hotkey for your ability once. Otherwise you will error the ability, this is not something we can fix for you.

A Global Free Respec has been enabled for this release you may access it by accessing your player profile and respec your character as needed to adjust for the new changes.

CCS 1.0.1 - April 15, 2010 - Hotfix Adjustments
  • - Caster Hex Skill damage base modified downwards to adjust for intelligence modification, the new base hits are lower, to adjust for the high damage output high intelligence can give.
  • - Neko Reflexes cooldown timer adjusted up to 90 seconds
  • - Global Optional Respec Enabled
Known Issues:
  • - Players recently GM revived will immediately die again if they use a skill before the next "tick" save of the meter. This is because defeated/death states are immediately saved to the database, revives are not, please ensure once you are revived you wait at least two minutes before attempting to rejoin combat until we resolve this.
  • - Meter skills will stop working if you are in an area with a player with a name with more than 24 characters between their first and last around is to get a fresh meter, this is already fixed in my meter and will be released with the bugfix release coming soon.
  • - Campers have found something we neglected to consider as a way to get around the anticamp system, its not very lucrative as it causes them to lose XP as well as gain it, regardless we've already broken that in my meter and it will no longer be an option once the bugfix release is put out.

CCS 1.0.1 - April 03, 2010 - Hotfix Adjustments
  • Caster Intelligence Modifier passed to caster offensive skills, some skills such as Lifetap and Reave are static value skills and are not affected by intelligence.
  • Adjustments to Tank Smash and KOBlow, setting cooldowns to 10 seconds each
  • DPS Class Strength Mod Adjustment increased to 1.75 modifier

Known Issues(Stuff we're fixing):

  • Meters menus will occasionally stop working (GM tools, skills menus), this is due to a quiet stack heap collision error in the menu_engine script which basically renders all menus inactive, the work around fix for this is to just get a new meter, the cause of it is the meter targeting sensors attempting to parse player names with more than 24 characters such as Superstupidlongnameavatarperson offense to people with names of that size, we're currently working on a truncation fix for that script and expect to have it within the next few days.
  • Anti-Camp system occasionally behaves oddly on first login or reattach, we're working on that too, we're also looking at extending the timer and narrowing the random factor somewhat so it isn't as randomly invasive to some players and not to others. We're also making an extension of the timer that governs the combat delay for it.

April O2, 2010 - Fortitude and Endurance Adjustment

On the 2nd of April I made adjusments to the points divisor to allow Fortitude and Endurance to create a bit more health and stamina per point invested to make the 5 point per level adjustment, I've created a new poll on The main website to get the user bases feeling on the adjustments made. Please cast your vote.

Its Finally Here!:

After nearly 7 months of development, redesign, script redevelopment and systems redevelopment, I am proud to say that we are finally ready to go live with the CCS 1.0.1 release, as per usual, we don't do simple updates here in CCS, so in all this time we've taken we've taken a large amount of time to not only improve CCS performance but add new features and expand the game while we were at it, theres a LOT of new features and dynamics in play, some of them are subtle, others will be instantly noticable, so without taking up further text space patting myself and Melanie on the back, I'll go ahead and list out all the updates and changes done so people are well aware whats been changed, improved or adjusted

+++Major Dynamics Changes+++

Player Stats:

Player levels have been CAPPED at level 90, that is the final level in CCS, every level from level 79 to 90 costs 1 million XP per level to attain. Every level between level 80 and level 90 with be awarded with extremely powerful artifact ability of the class/race of the player that is unique to that class and race and shows the true power of the most powerful players of a race/class in CCS in an absolutely awesome fashon.

Player statistics in CCS have been completely overhauled to make stat development more definitive to the performance of your character, in previous versions of CCS some stats were more effective for performance than others, some had no use at all for some classes, in 1.0.1 all the player stats come into play and have use for all classes.

Also under the 1.0.1 release we are enabling an enforced GLOBAL RESPEC under the new 5 point per level stat assignment rules. Previous to 1.0.1 we were giving 6 points per level for statistical investment which was allowing people to max out too many stats at the high end of the game, the original plan was to reduce this to 4 points per level but this was deemed too drastic in beta testing, so we have settled on 5 points per level to reduce the statistical pools of the player base across the board and enforce more focus on balanced stat development. If you use the old logic of "max out fortitude and endurance then put everything else in willpower and will get mangled by skill damage and you will not have any noticable melee damage output. Every stat now has serious effects on your combat capabilities, ignoring any of them will leave you with a huge exploitable weakness that won't be hard for people to figure out. With this change depending on how you allocate your stats expect to see around a 15% to 30% reduction in Health/Stamina across the board. But also expect to see vast improvements in skill damage output, healing output and melee damage output, and damage mitigation as well.

We also changed stat based damage mitigation heavily. Previous versions of CCS only really saw much damage mitigation worth from Perception and Willpower. Damage mitigation is now split across four stats. Please ensure you understand the stat descriptions so you understand how damage mitigation has changed, also be aware that regardless of how much you invest in these four stats, the maximum total damage avoidance that can be reached via all four is 33% for each damage type mitigated by each stat.

  • Strength - Strength now heavily adjusts your base melee damage output. Strength also now has a class multiplier associated with it. The multiplier means how much your melee damage is modified by every point of strength you have. Modifiers are as follows:

    Tank Classes: 1x Modifier(Can go to 2x as they lose health)
    DPS Classes: 2x Modifier
    Healer Classes: 0.5x Modifier(Base Increase)
    Caster Classes: 0.5x Modifier(Base Increase)

  • Fortitude - Fortitude controls your bonus health awarded per level. There have been no major changes to this statistic.

  • Endurance - Endurance controls your bonus stamina awarded per level. There have been no major changes to this statistic either.

  • Intelligence: - Intelligence now has a major amount of control in regards to healer and caster offensive abilities and healing capabilities. Intelligence like Strength, has a class modifier associated with it as follows:

    Tank Classes: 0.5x Modifier(Base Increase)
    DPS Classes: 0.5x Modifier(Base Increase)
    Healer Classes: 1x Modifier
    Caster Classes: 2x Modifier

    Intelligence also governs skill damage mitigation for all classes and races and allows for up to 33% resistance of skills used against you.

  • Willpower: - Willpower still controls your characters capability of resisting status effects associated with skills, the total possible resistance for status effects is 33% for all classes

  • Perception: - Perception now controls a characters ability to dodge or avoid ranged damage from guns and other projectile weaponry, as per all other mitigations, this skill caps at 33% total resistance for all classes.

  • Finesse: - Finesse is a new stat that splits the old Perception stat mitigation into seperate categories. Finesse controls how dexterous your character is in melee combat and how capable you are of avoiding or dodging melee attacks used against you, as per all other mitigations this skill caps at 33% total resistance for all classes.

  • Resistances are Class Configurable: Even though we've currently set all resistance stats to a cap of 33%, this is now a database controlled value, just like skill damages for skills, so if we feel during the course of play that certain classes require adjustments to their mitigation capabilities as a class improvement, we can make these adjustments on the fly at the database without having to issue a new CCS release and without you having to respec your character at all. So while 33% is the hard cap for all classes at release we have left ourselves the option to add class modifiers as needed, to damage mitigation, should we feel the game requires it.

Player Skills:

Due to the increase in modifier effectiveness from statistics and the minor reduction of player stat points in the respec, the base damage for all offensive skills has been reduced by about 25% across the board. We will be adjusting these abilities in live game time as needed but the stat based modifiers, with the base damage values for CCS 1.0 produced somewhat apocalyptic results giving one high level skill the ability to nearly kill a player of equal level if the associated modifier stat was maxed to 100 points.

All Classes and Races: Tier 8 and Tier 9 Skills will be added to the level table, over the next several days, after we see how the powers in play play out with their base damage, the Tier 8 and 9 skills are to to cover abilities from level 70 to level 90, which is now the hard cap for CCS. A few specific new skills have been added as well to give some classes some new balance they are as follows

    Skill Additions:
  • Adamant - Tank Class Passive: Adamant is a level 0 skill that all tanks recieve as part of their class, it does absolutely nothing active, as stated it is a passive skill, Adamant basically directly increases the amount of melee and skill damage a tank puts out directly in relation to how much damage they have personally taken. Going from stages of 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Tanks move from 1x Damage Modifier to 2x Damage Modifier at near death, putting their damage output on par with a DPS class when they've absorbed almost as much punishment as they can possibly take. Healers and Tanks may wish to work this mechanic together, allowing the tanks damage to increase, then using heals to keep them within a certain damage range, this strengthens the bond between healers and tanks to a certain degree, allowing for a combined tactical approach which makes both the healer and the tank a potent and threatening team.

  • Guard - Tank Class Tiered Buff: Tanks can now place Guard on a defensive target, be it a healer or other class, the Tank can now render their chosen defensive target invulnerable to all damage types (but not status effects) for a short period of time, which tier of this skill increases its duration, Guard has been placed in the Healing category of Skills for Tanks to take some of the weight off use of the ability due to their large dependance on their support skills and offensive skills.

  • Reflexes - Neko Racial: Reflexes has been completely reworked and is no longer dependant on Perception/Finesse modification to increase mitigation, as with the 33% cap, it would still be ineffective, Reflexes now gives the Neko character 45 seconds of total invulnerability to all damage types (but not status effects) on use.

  • Feral Charge - Neko Racial Addition: Feral Charge is now available to all Neko classes and works somewhat similar to the standard DPS charge except there is a substantial damage hit should the attack hit, on the target, as compared to the standard DPS charge doing very little damage at all.

  • Reave - Caster Class Stamina Drain: - Casters can now recover stamina from targets in combat by using the Reave ability, this allows them to replenish their own stamina at the cost of the targets stamina. The conversion rate is a direct x2 multiplier, if you steal 20 stamina, you get 40 stamina as a caster using Reave, this will vary with intelligence investment and closes the game between Healers with Overdrive and casters having no Stamina recovery method at all.

System Additions:
  • New HUD Targeting System: - The HUD Targeting system allows you to lock a selected target as your offensive or defensive target, once you lock that target all your offensive skills/defensive skills will be used on those targets without the need for further target selection via dialog menu. Offensive targets are ONLY affected by OFFENSIVE abilities, Defensive targets are only affected by heals or buffs. You may only select targets via the menu (click the Offensive Target Button on the HUD flyout drawer to choose a target) that are directly within your characters forward field of view, though once a target is locked, skills will land on that target it they are behind you (we did this to allow for laggy combat conditions and to allow healers and casters to be able to run away while attempting to convince the people chasing them to stop). This has completely reduced the need for the use of menus to complete the use of a "skill" if you have a skill hotkeyed, and you have a target selected, you simply hit the hotkey and voila, the target is hit with the skill! Hooray for innovations(that don't lag like crazy)

  • Secondary Skillbank: - The Secondary Skillbank has been added to the main menu once more, allowing people to load up 3 more skills for quick access from the main menu itself, on top of their 6 hotkeyed skills.

  • Added RP Tools: - RP Tools have been added to the HUD system, in minor application now, allowing for the changing of your visible name for RP purposes so you can speak as another character. There are some reserved slots on that tool drawer designed for some interesting customized tools we have in planning for implementation down the line

System Performance Enhancements:
  • - Increased script base performance by about 100% of the 1.0 previous version. The system should be extremely responsive even in heavily loaded environments, some may complain that it reacts almost too quickly, being used to slower damage in heavier loads from previous versions.
  • - Scripts refactored to handle a huge amount of new variables from the back end, allowing us to customize much of how things perform, not just the skills, from the back end, without needing to push a new meter version.
  • - Database system completely overhauled to increase performance under load, removed a lot of junk/legacy data handling from previous iterations of the system that were still being called/processed under 1.0
  • - CCS system culled down from 48 total scripts to 20 active modules with inactive modules only processing data when called.
Security Updates:
  • - In our unending war on camping and exploitation we've added a new anti-camp system that cannot be fooled by movement, gestures, chat statements or even Windows Macro Recorder. The new system is fairly easy to understand once you see it, it will NOT interrupt combat ever, but is set on a random timer to generate a dialog asking you for a correct response within 10 minutes. Its all pretty straight forward, and the answers its asking you to provide are generated behind the CCS Dynchan so no amount of chat listeners are going to allow you to intercept this data. And, even if you could work that out, you'd then have to code a third party program that could scan your screen and somehow autorespond with the correct answers. So with this anti-camp addition, we believe the days of camping afk are over. I'm sorry if this was your favorite part of CCS, it definitely hasn't been mine.
  • - We've added a new timeout feature on the non-com toggle which does not allow you to switch to non-com then switch back to combative without a significant delay. It was found that people were exploiting the non-com feature with a gesture that allowed them to switch it on and off so fast it wouldn't register a change visually, but while running said gesture they could take almost no damage at all. So theres another cheat fixed, sorry cheaters.

General Fixes and Additions:
  • - New system absolute ceiling of 2048m, CCS will now work up to 2048m above the ground in all sims.
  • - Buff stacking has been removed entirely, the only value CCS will accept is the highest buff or armor value it has been given, if you use Spirit and armor yourself for 15 armor, and then use Resolute-6, the value for Resolute-6 will be the active armor value, it will not be Resolute-6+15 from Spirit. This applies to all buffs and armors including API enhanced weapons that give buffs and armors themselves. CCS will only accept the highest value its given, and thats it. All previous buffs or armors are overwritten.
  • - Moved the GM Call Key off the HUD and kept its button in the main system menu, the Help Button on the HUD will now access this site for CCS information.
  • - New Level Up Effects and Sounds! Goodbye wolf howl, say hello to my "ANTI-DING" level up sound.

Things Coming Soon™:
  • - Respec on demand, simply choose "purchase respec" on your profile, and for a percentage of your total experience you will be granted a respec to use, total percentage is still under discussion.
  • - Secure XP Transfer: Need to start a new life? Don't want to lose all your CCS XP because of it? Secure XP transfer will let someone transfer the XP of one of their avatars to their new avatar, but, the old avatar is deleted forever and can never be reclaimed and the new characters record is marked as XP Transfered and cannot recieve any further transfers.
  • - Tier 8 and Tier 9 Skills(These will be coming much sooner than the above two, I just didn't have time to knock them in today.

CCS 1.0 Release and Adjustment Notes

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 12.2
  • Warcry ability changed to offensive ability. Now does 80 Stamina damage to target and is a direct line of sight ability and not an AoE ability.
  • Knockdown Range increased to 20m, daze duration increased to 15 seconds, chance to hit adjusted to 95%.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 12.1
  • Fixed bug with Dullpain-IV
  • Warcry ability adjusted. Same weakness effect, also increases a Tank classes Stamina by 180 when used, reuse timer increased to 60 seconds.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 12 Healer and Racial Game Balance Adjustments
  • Healer Chance to Hit adjusted to 80%
  • ACLS cool down timer reduced to 45 Seconds in all versions.
  • RadShot cool down timer increased to 45 seconds, range reduced to 15m.
  • Overdrive given a multiplier stamina cost rather than point cost, now costs 75, 150 and 300 Stamina to use depending on the version.
  • PleasureBot Stimulate increased to 300 Stamina per use, costs 1 racial point and 50 Stamina to use.
  • Fatigue given 2x multiplier on damage dealt/health recovered in all versions
  • Rage-I reduced to +10 damage enhancement(was +17).
  • Demon Wrack given 50% more Stamina Return.
  • Malice changed to SELECT target ability, life damage increased to 150 points. Now only costs 1 point to use
  • Supernatural/Sidhe RendMana changed to SELECT target ability, Stamina increase added, 50% more than stamina cost to use.
  • BioShock Changed to SELECT target ability, stamina damage increased to 150 stamina damage. Now only costs 1 point to use.
  • Sidhe Bladeweaver given Immolation, Sidhe Diviner given Hex.
  • HunterKiller Virus changed in all versions to SELECT target ability, cooldown reduced to 45 seconds.
  • Mechanized given 3 new versions at level 15, 35 and 55, HunterKiller given access to it as well as the Drone.
  • Vampire Bloodheal increased to 350 points of health per use(cooldown timer does not need to be lowered as I thought), cooldown remains at 30 seconds.
  • Vampire Feed now heals for 100 points of damage.
  • Wrack, RendMana and Feed are all equalized at 30 second cooldowns.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.6
  • Major Revision of Respec, Register and Level Up Systems of the Game! Now the system is simpler to understand, more graphical, provides more information and respecs now take all of a few minutes rather than all day!
  • Point assignment during respec using the sliders is based on the points you have available at your current level, as you reduce the pool amount, sliders may start moving in tandem with each other to reflect the amount of points you have left to assign, this is NORMAL
  • Stat math has been reworked to remove cumulative statistic bonuses from fortitude and endurance, depending on how optimally you placed your points for bonus exploitation in the previous system, you may actually LOSE or GAIN HP/Stamina after respecing.
  • Free global respec issued to all for purposes of putting the new system through its paces, have fun, and now it only takes a few minutes!

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.5
  • Overdrive Revised: 3 variants, available at 0, 30 and 60 for healers. Level 0 gives 300 Stamina, Level 30 gives 650 Stamina and level 60 gives 975 Stamina.
  • Removed Unstoppable from the game. Added Unstoppables willpower buff functionality to Resolute Armor in graduated levels.
  • Cripple range increased to 5m, stamina return increased to 100% of stamina damaged.
  • Global mandatory respec issued to adjust for these changes, people MUST respec to ensure they get the right versions of their abilities.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.4
  • ACLS Revised: 3 versions now, Level 0, 30 and 60, no longer four versions, all reuse timers for this skill are at 90 seconds.
  • AngelBuff revised from +10 to Attack Power to +10 to Damage Resistance.
  • Benediction reuse timer increased to 60 seconds to match duration of the ability.
  • Global free respec issued to allow healers to respec to redevelop their skill trees with the new revive structure.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.3
  • Unstoppable Fixed: Added +50 Damage Resistance to the ability as well to offset its choice of armor or willpower for the working tank. All the same costs and reuse timers apply. Tanks rejoice you're now much tanky-er...yeah thats a word.
  • PleasureBot Chance to Hit increased to 90%, to bring them in line with the rest of the healers.

No Respec necessary for these changes, simply reset your meter or if you log on after the changes, they're there by default

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.2
  • - Overdrive fixed, should be properly giving 1000 points of stamina for 2 minutes, description fixed to alleviate confusion, the 1000 points IS lost after the duration upon any normal stamina usage.
  • - Reduced PleasureBot Stimulate to 1 point per use, should bring it in line as still superior to Overdrive as it has a much lower cool down period.
  • - Investigating Unstoppable, it should be working according to the written code, will check current meter LSL(package meter) to ensure the delta var is in the current release meter and not something I added to my own development meter and just forgot about :p

No Respec necessary for these changes, simply reset your meter or if you log on after the changes, they're there by default

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11.1

Okay, well...sorry healers, but AidAura was a shitty replacement for losing Strengthen...I've gotta agree. So instead of leaving you stuck with it I'm giving you the option of two respecs in one day because I've added a new ability that should fill the gap nicely

    New Ability: Overdrive
  • Effect: Temporarily adds 1000 stamina to the healers max stamina pool for 120 seconds.
  • Cost: 2 Racial Points
  • Classes: All healers except PleasureBot(Redundant sorta)
  • Reuse Timer: 130 seconds
    Other minor adjustments:
  • - Removed Nano-Aid...that fucker is never going to work til I fix some plumbing in the back end. So, for now lets just go with NanoRepair as the Nano-Medic racial and given you've got Fatigue now and Overdrive, I think you should be alright.
  • - Fixed range bug with Hex-V
  • - Increased range on Radshot in all versions to 20 meters
  • - Enabled a second global respec available for use if people wish to use it to get the new ability or change around their current class.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 11

Made a few adjustments to attempt to help with some current balance issues and get a respec issued for people who want to make changes to their current characters, 1.0.1 is still in development and I believe its finalization will finish off any remaining issues with balance but I wanted to get something done to address a few issues that had come up so I went in and did some fixes and adjustments at the server level.

  • - Adjusted stamina damage/HP healed downwards by about 15% on Fatigue in all versions to balance the ability, shared ability with Nano-Medic
  • - Removed Healer "Strengthen" ability from the game, as it was allowing for too much damage increase, replaced with AidAura, an AoE heal for healers to heal all their allies in a 10m area.
  • - Felshield Armor buff reduced by 10% in all versions
  • - Added new Tank Ability "Unstoppable" increasing a Tank's willpower by 200 for 45 seconds when used, reuse timer is set to 60 seconds, the ability costs 95 stamina to use.
  • - Reduced Neko Reflexes reuse timer to 60 seconds.
  • - Reduced Hit chance for Lunacy, no other changes but there may be more resists now.
  • - Healer archetype chance to hit base increased from 85% to 90%, except PleasureBots, who are still at 85%
  • - Enabled global respec for all players.

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 10

A few more balance based adjustments and some new abilities added to attempt to help out a few races/classes that were still having issues

  • Supernaturals: New additions and changes in regards to Supernatural racials, I did not feel that simply adjusting BioShock would be enough to equalize them and make them a chaotic and interesting race, so Supernaturals now have two racials both available at level 0, and they have the following characteristics.
  • Classes: Supernatural Only
  • Target Method: AoE (10m Range)
  • Cost for Use: 3 Points
  • Damages Target for: 50 Points of Stamina Damage
  • Status Effect on Target: Curse (85% Chance), Duration, 30 Seconds
  • Reuse Timer: 30 Seconds
  • Description: A wild release of energy, causing a loss of energy in the targets in the area of effect and a potential lingering curse.
  • Lunacy
  • Classes: Supernatural Only
  • Target Method: AoE (10m Range)
  • Cost for Use: 1 Point
  • Damages Target for: 50 Points of Stamina Damage
  • Status Effect on Target: Berserk (85% Chance), Duration, 45 Seconds
  • Reuse Timer: 60 Seconds
  • Description: A burst of psionic energy spreads insanity through the crowd causing wild aberrations in behavior in the people in the Supernaturals area of effect.
  • Adjusted/Added Healer Abilities: Healers have had their Alkaloid ability adjusted, it now heals health instead of stamina and still clears poison status effects.
  • Suppression/Soothe: Two new light side only healer abilities that have been added they have the following characteristics:
  • Description: Suppression is a light side race healer ability only that allows them to heal themselves for 100 health, and staunch or extinguish any bleeding wounds or fires that may be effecting them. (DoT effects)
  • Health Healed: 100
  • Status Effect Cured: DoT
  • Stamina Cost: 50
  • Recast time: 45 Seconds
  • Soothe
  • Description:Soothe is an AoE affect allowing a healer to rapidly deal with any bleeding wounds or fires affecting the players around them. (DoT effects)
  • Health Healed: 50
  • Status Effect Cured: DoT
  • New Tank Archtype ability(Or an old one, if you prefer accuracy):
  • Description:Warcry makes its return to CCS, giving tanks the ability to frighten enemies around them and weaken their resolve for 30 seconds.
  • Target Method: AoE 15m
  • Status Effect: Weakness
  • Duration: 30 Seconds
  • Stamina Cost: 40
  • Recast time: 30 Seconds
  • Global Respec Issued to allow for adjustments to these changes

Hotfix Beta Adjustments - Beta Stage 9

A few adjustments and additions to attempt to close the balance gap in the system while we continue to get the 1.0.1 meter release finalized.

  • Cripple - Cripple has had its stamina return reduced by roughly 2/3rds in all versions, the stamina damage on target has not changed. DPS classes will always regain more stamina than they expend to use the ability but, only by about 5% more than they spend, versus the wildly overpowered 50% more originally added with the ability.
  • Tank Adjustments - Added Flashbomb to Non-Magical Tanks and Repel to Magical Tanks, sharing that AoE knockdown power with them from the healer archtype. All the same statistics apply, should help tanks further with crowd control and defensive management.
  • New Ability: Judgment - Added this new ability to Angel Seraphim and Guardians to give these two classes a bit more to work with as they were coming up extremely weak in regards to the metrics on class use. Heres the description:
    Judgment: Seraphim and Guardian ability.
    Description: A holy judgment, stripping power from the evil that are judged.
    Target Method: Select
    Range: 5m
    Damage Dealt:Health Points(Level appropriate, never more than 145)
    Damage Healed: (level appropriate)Stamina regained by Seraphim or Guardian.
    Status Effect on Targets: Curse (level appropriate Chance), Duration increases with level of ability.
    Reuse Timer: 30 Seconds
  • Global Respec Issued to allow players to adjust to the hotfix adjustments.

    May 13th, 2009 - CCS v1.0.0 Hotfix Changelog

    DPS Class Balance Pass - New Ability: Cripple!

    In an effort to get the DPS classes out of their mediocre funk I've added a new single target ability to their arsenal that becomes available at level 5 and ranks up every 10 levels after that, heres the basic info on Cripple

    Description: An attack that cripples an opponent, that is so satisfying it revitalizes your zeal for combat.
    • Target Method: Select 2M
    • Cost for Use: (level appropriate value of) Stamina
    • Damage Dealt: (level appropriate value of)Stamina damage on target
    • Damage Healed: (level appropriate value of)points of Stamina on user
    • Status Effect on Targets: Weakness (95% Chance), 15 Second Duration
    • Reuse Timer: 20 Seconds

    Global Respec issued to allow DPS players to pick up this ability for their characters, we'll see how the damage numbers play out, there may be adjustments, there may not be, anyways, as always, remember to give feedback on the forums at CCS-GAMETECH.COM

    • Fixed Vampire Feed so it damages HP and Stamina as stated.

    May 12th, 2009 - CCS v1.0.0 Hotfix Changelog

    • All non-AOE melee attacks set BACK to Select, because apparently direct is too inaccurate for large battles. Targetting system is coming in 1.0.1 so just wait for that please.
    • Increased Stamina Cost for Hex in all versions by 10% of previous value.
    • Immolate recast timer increased in all versions by 10 seconds.
    • Increased daze duration on Charge to 8 seconds.
    • Knockdown duration increased to 10 seconds, added a daze to it
    • Added Repel to Mystic,Specter,Acolyte,Mindrender,as it made more sense for those kinds of healers than Flashbomb, increased range to 15m, stun duration to 12 seconds
    • Flashbomb changed, removed it from Mystic,Specter,Acolyte,MindRender classes, range increased to 15m, stun duration increased to 12 seconds.
    • 10% - 50% stamina reduction on all Tank archetype offensive abilities.
    • Reuse Timer on EatBrains-I increased to 60 seconds.
    • Benediction Reuse Timer increased to 30 seconds.
    • Global Free Respec Issued with this Hotfix

    April 24th, 2009 - CCS v1.0.0 Hotfix Changelog

    • EatBrains II and III and IV were found to be far too powerful in the hands of Undead healers and casters, so only Undead Tanks and DPS now have access to all versions of the EatBrains skill, Undead Healers have access to EatBrains-I and to compensate the fury cost for EatBrains-I has been dropped to 1 Fury point. Conversely, the reuse timer on EatBrains-I is now set to 30 seconds, the reuse timer on EatBrains-II,III,IV is now set to 120 seconds as a primary combat racial skill should be set.
    • Rage-IV was proving far too powerful in the hands of Lycan Healers and Casters, thusly Lycan Shaman and Lycan Werelocks now have Rage-I only, Lycan Stalkers get all versions of Rage and Lycan Brutes get Rage-IV, conversely, to compensate for this change, all cool down timers for Rage have been reduced to 15 seconds, allowing all Lycans to use other support based skills in conjunction with Rage.
    • Tank Smash range increased to 5m
    • Tank Flurry range increased to 7m
    • Bloodheal cooldown timer reduced to 30 seconds.
    • Global Free Respec issued with these changes, so feel free to respec and experiment as needed and, as always, your positive feedback is extremely helpful in purusing a valid and fun balance for all players in the game so please, continue to turn in bug reports or balance concerns or post them to the forums at CCS-GAMETECH.COM!

    April 22nd, 2009 - CCS v1.0.0 Hotfix Changelog

    • Rage point cost reduced to 1 point
    • Spirit point cost reduced to 1 point
    • Undead EatBrains reduced to 15% of life/stamina from 25%, point cost lowered to 2 points
    • RadShot adjusted, dropping duration to 15 seconds and making minor damage adjustments per level as appropriate.
    • Decreased reuse timer on Fracture to 5 seconds, and increased its weakness duration to 15 seconds
    • Flashbomb and Repel radius increased to 5m, daze chance increased to 98%, daze duration increased to 10 seconds
    • Specters added to the healer races that get Lifetap.
    • Sidhe Shades now get Lifetap at level 15, 35, 55
    • Biofield range increased to 10m.
    • Added Benediction skill to Seraphim Angels, a +30 damage bonus 10m AoE ability.
    • Fixed all Aid reuse timers at 5 seconds, this applies only to AID heals, not First-Aid or AidSelf.
    • Added PleasureBot ability: Revitalize, a 10m AoE stamina heal.
    • PleasureBot Ability: Stimulate now costs 2 Power Points to use.
    • Demon Ability: Wrack, now does 50 points of Life and Stamina damage. The demon also regains 50 stamina from the stolen soul.
    • Vampire Ability: Feed, now does 50 points of Life and Stamina damage, and heals the user for 50 points as previous.

    Bugs we're aware of/have fixed/will fix, but must wait til the 1.0.1 release:

    • Intelligence does not appear to be affecting caster damage.
    • *FIXED* Nano-Aid does not work.
    • Anti-camping system gives erroneous messages and is too invasive.
    • Occasional wild variances from stated base damage on abilities.
    • Strength damage bonus is too low, needs to be increased.
    • DullPain health bonus, after 2 minute duration is over, dissapears from even just 1 point of damage.
    • Knockdown animations occur even if an ability status effect is resisted
    • Hovertext display occasionally does not revert to percentages, or, whole true numbers get stuck showing percentages at the end of them.

    April 20th, Balance Update:

    I went through and added several powers that were missed, created a couple new ones and adjusted a few that were being problematic, so heres the list of changes.

    • Hex now curses for 15 seconds, appropriately as a Hex should.
    • Wrack: Actually does cost 25 Stamina now, versus 50 stamina.
    • Human Spirit: Now has a 15 second reuse timer, should not stack, but will allow humans to use other support abilities alongside it.
    • Dullpain Reuse Timer changed to 130 seconds, this should counteract the stacking effect that we've been seeing in rare cases, but, if it continues to be a problem we'll look at it again.
    • Runeweave: AoE damage dropped to 50 damage per tick, its felt this will still be potent for the racial point cost, but, less overpowered in overall use.
    • Added Angel Smite: Sorry, I forgot about this when I was doing the abilities.
    • Added Arch-Angel Wrath: Change to this ability has allowed for a chance of daze along with the AoE damage effect.
    • Created Life Tap Ability: This ability is shared by casters and the darker races healers, it scales tier to tier, allowing for the healer to damage a target and multiply that damage by 2, as a factor of life returned to the caster.
    • Added Inspire: Now healers can armor their friends once more, there are several tier levels of this ability starting at level 5
    • Added BioField: Now healers can AoE heal their friends once more, starting at level 1 and there are 3 variant tier levels of this ability.
    • Adjusted Nano-Aid, this ability should work.
    • Equalized level 10 racial Heal over Time abilities, Cyborgs heal for slightly more per tick, but also have a longer cooldown timer, all other races are equalized.
    • Enabled Global Respec: Enabled another GLOBAL respec for ALL races/classes because while the changes made originally were to get Angels back online with everyone else, I added some healer abilities and some caster abilities as well, so its best that everyone just gets another freespec today rather than do them individually
    • Fixed MindRender access to Inspire/BioField, issued Demon only respec.
    • Added forgotten Supernatural level 10 Racial HoT, Harmony-I, respec issued for supernaturals to compensate


    RESPEC INFORMATION FOR RELEASE:This version of CCS will come with a double respec. The reason for this is because the ability bases of all the archetypes are going to be changing somewhat, so to ensure everyone gets the right abilities for their current class, or the class they're already sure they want to switch to, we're doing a mandatory respec, after release, to ensure the characters get the new abilities added correctly. A second respec, will be issued as an "optional" respec that players may either use to switch to another race/class if they want to try it out. After the mandatory and optional respec are both used, a respec will not be available again until we have made sufficient changes to the system to call for issuing another one. The second respec wave will be issued roughly 72 hours after release.

    SKILL INFORMATION: Skill Information will become available on the reference as I have the time to get it done, it has been an incredibly busy week for me, but almost ALL the new skills in CCS 1.0 have their descriptions so you can read what they do when you choose them, there are many skills that are familiar, just with different names, there are also some really cool new skills that we've added using our new ultra top secret multi-string programming language for abilities...expect to see more of these kinds of advanced skills in the future as well, its CCS II Technology coming to life in CCSI!

      Last Minute Additions
    • Supernatural Tank changed to Sentinel
    • Human Healer changed to Paramedic, Human Power Pool changed to Defiance
    • Neko Racial Skill: Reflexes is in, 45 seconds of near total invulnerability for the cost of 3 lives.
    • New Vampire Secondary Racial: BloodHeal
    • Skills logic now filled, all classes have skills from level 1 to level 60...but not every class will get a skill at EVERY level.
    • Meter Max Altitude raised to 2048 meters
      Bug Fixes:

    • Lycan Rage - Lycan Rage has been fixed, there will no longer be a problem with rage generation on damage after death or region crossing.

    • AoE Skill Base - AoE skills have been bugged causing single targeting of the closest target, this has been fixed, AoE skills will now target all targets within the defined radius of the AoE skill.

    • Buff Stacking - Buffs of the same skill class can no longer be stacked. Buffs of differing skill classes will continue to stack, but can only run one instance of the same skill class at any time.

      Balance Issues:

    • Tank/DPS Balance Pass - Tank and DPS class skills have been equalized, for example, If Luck-15 gives 40 damage enhancement, TA-16 will give 40 to total damage absorbtion, this basically puts the Tank and DPS class on even footing against each other and makes combat between them a matter of skill and not a matter of numbers.

    • Garotte based dazing is being removed from the DPS class, DPS classes will be losing all daze capability, in exchange, they are gaining a new free class ability called "Charge" which will allow them to move directly to a selected target within 25 meters and will stun the target for 2 seconds.

    • Class Racial Point Generation systems have been balanced, all races that were originally on a timer for point regneration will now be regenerating power pool points based on a combat attack or damage based point generation, heres the break down on the racial changes

      • Angels: AngelBuff now costs 25 stamina to use, and can no longer be stacked on one target to increase the targets damage, its reuse timer has been lowered to 30 seconds.
      • Demons: Wrack has been changed, it now costs 25 stamina to use, and does 10 stamina damage to the target, and gains the demon one soul point, the reuse timer on this ability has been increased to 30 seconds
      • Humans: Humans now regenerate Defiance points by taking damage at the same 15:1 ratio a Lycan does, allowing them to use Spirit Armor at a cost of 3 Defiance points, at its current levels of damage mitigation and reuse timer
      • Lycans: Lycan Rage use has not changed other than to lower its reuse timer to 30 seconds, Lycan Rage point generation has been adjusted to allow for a 15:1 ratio, for damage to point generation, based on a level 1's stats, this scales with level, requiring more damage to gain a point as per usual, but you will now have to take less damage to gain a point than in previous versions.
      • Nekos: Neko point generation is now on a damage based generation model like the Lycans, this will allow them to generate lives, on the same 15:1 basis as a Lycan, with which they can use their new base racial support ability, Reflexes, Reflexes costs 3 points to use, and will allow for +95 to damage migitation (the meter will say "armored" but this is a mitigation based avoidance), and lasts for 45 seconds and has a reuse timer of 2 minutes.
      • Supernaturals: Supernatural's now have a new ability called Consume Mana, it costs 25 stamina to use, does 10 stamina damage to the target and gains the Supernatural 1 Mana, the reuse timer on this ability is 30 seconds.

      • Vampires: Vampire Feed has changed, it costs no stamina still, but only heals for +25 damage, costs 25 stamina, and does 50 damage to the target, and generates one blood point, this ability has a reuse timer of 30 seconds.

      Racial Level 10 Regen Abilities: All Racial Level 10 Regen abilities have been changed to self affecting regen abilities. While the variance of them was to attempt to promote team work, and allow certain races to assist their healer classes, overall the decision to have the variance has created an imbalance in one to one combat, so any racial regen currently set as an AoE will be changed to a self targeted ability.

      Archetypal To-Hit Chance Adjustment: The current Archetypal to-hit chance spread is Healers, 75%, Tanks 80%, DPS, 85%. This will be changed with this release to the following:

      • Healers: 85%
      • Tanks: 90%
      • DPS: 93.75%
      • Casters: 95%

      WARNING TO WANNABEE MINMAXING TANK MAGES - Please keep in mind that while the caster does have the highest to hit chance and the potential for raw face melting DPS, without sufficient investment in Intelligence, Willpower and Perception, no amount of stacking health or strength on this class, in an attempt to combine caster DPS with melee combatant strengths will keep it from being destroyed rather easily by any other class, because without intelligence mod adjustment, spell based DPS will be subpar to a Healer archetype. So please, no whining and complaining that you weren't told your tankmage wouldn't work've been warned.

      New Class:

      The Caster archtype now joins the CCS pantheon of fighters, this class varies in play style from race to race, just like any of the other archtypes and has its offensive output focused on direct damage spells, damage over time spells, debuffs and some self defensive capabilities. With the addition of the Caster comes a long awaited particle system overhaul which will allow us to bring some more life to the use of our system giving almost every class some kind of visible effect of power usage so now you don't have to read the text alone to know what happened, you'll be able to see it, right there in the game world in front of you.

      Original Races Caster Class Names:

      • Angels: Myrmidon

      • Demons: Defiler

      • Humans: Arcanist

      • Lycans: Werelock

      • Nekos: Cabalist

      • Supernaturals: Magus

      • Vampires: Diablerist

      New Races:

      As a new addition to the system I've decided to go ahead and add in the Cyborg, Sidhe, and Undead races to CCS, heres the break down on how they work.


      Cyborgs being machine based, are more variant and efficient than biological entities, and thusly rather than one single Cyborg racial, the Cyborg race has four class specific "racial" skills...all of which are usable at less cost in power pool points than normal biological races, but in exchange, take more time to cool down for reuse than a normal biological race. The Cyborg race though, has no access to magic, but makes up for that lack by having a split healer archtype base.

      Cyborg Power Pool:Energy(Combat)

      Tank Variant: Drone The Drone is an extremely efficient tank based class, combining all the known abilities of the Tank archetype with its own specialized class based variant called "Mechanized", the Mechanized ability allows the Drone to increase its damage output, then also use Resolute Armor at the same time.

      DPS Variant: HunterKiller The HunterKiller is another extremely efficient cyborg, with its own class based "racial" skill called Virus, Virus allows the HunterKiller to infect biological and non-biological systems with a nanite based virus that damages the target heavily over time, in conjunction with its proficiency in all other DPS abilities.

      Healer Variant: PleasureBot The Pleasure Bot is the complete package when it comes to going all night, its class based "racial" skill, Stimulation, allows it to convert energy points to raw stamina at a rate of 1:100, which also clears status effects, with a 60 second cool down timer, as healers go, the Pleasure Bot's efficiency with stamina is top notch.

      Healer Variant: Nano-Medic The Nano-Medic is an AI Enhanced independant medical unit with superior abilities in the area of enhanced tissue regeneration, its class special ability, Nano Aid, is an extremely powerful heal over time ability, healing 75 point of damage per tick for 240 seconds on a single target,for the cost of 3 energy points, the Nano-Medic may very well be the most efficient healing unit in the game, and paired with a Pleasure-Bot, a very potent medical team. The Nano-Medic also has a self affecting skill that matches its Nano-Aid capabilities called NanoRepair.

      The Sidhe

      The Sidhe are, for want of a better word, elves, not exactly nice elves either, depending on which court they adhere to. The unstable nature of reality in the post apocalyptic world has allowed for them to pass through, once again, to the real world, from their land of dreams, and they're taking full advantage the chaotic situation to carve a niche for themselves once more. As an extremely magical race, all three of the base Sidhe classes will have some limited access to the magic of the Caster archtype in the race.

      Sidhe Racial:Runes (Combat Ability)

      Sidhe Racial Power: Runeweave - 5m AoE Curse with 100 per tick DoT in area of effect. At the cost of 3 Runes

      Tank Variant: Bladeweaver
      The Bladeweaver has access to the Debuffing class of magic, and is competent as a tank based archtype as well.

      DPS Variant: Shade
      Shades have access to the Damage over Time class of magic, and are also proficient in all the natural DPS archetype skills.

      Healer Variant: Diviner
      Diviners, while excellent healers, have access to the Direct Damage class of magic, and thusly, do not have Neuro-toxin

      Caster Variant: Thaumaturge
      The Thaumaturge is the apex of the magical skill set for the Sidhe race, having access to all classes of magic, and he highest racial intelligence bonus of all the races, it is an extremely potent magic user, and can still use swords as well.

      The Risen(Undead)

      The Risen are those that have died....but didn't look at it as an end as much as they did a career change. Extremely resilient, the are very hard to kill and regenerate while attacking by feeding on the living.

      Undead Racial: Fury(Damage)

      Undead Racial Power: EatBrains - regain 25% of Health/Stamina, 60 second cooldown. Damages the target for 10% of their health and a chance of weakness. Costs 3 Fury points to use.

      Tank Variant: Revenant
      The Revenant is a tough old bastard, with extremely high bonuses to willpower and fortitude, this old tanker who just wouldn't lie down will continue to pound your head in, only this time, its so he can eat your brain!

      DPS Variant: Wraith
      The Wraith is a fast moving shade of a forgotten spirit, its poisonous claws leaving blood and pain in their wake, with a generous bonus to strength and perception, the Wraith truly is...a Wraith.

      Healer Variant: Specter
      The poor lost soul of someones loving daughter, or doting father, the Specter tries to care for everyone, but can only truly help those that are dead as well, a competent healer with bonuses in Willpower and Intelligence.

      Caster Variant: Eidolon
      A dark soul, filled with hate the Eidolon is exceptionally good with debuffing and damage over time magic. With bonuses in Willpower, and Intelligence and Perception

      New Features:
      Anti-Camping Comes of Age - Camping absorbs a lot of time in regards to the staff of the huge amount of CCS sims, so as its become such a larger situation now, to help free up the time of the staff and coordinators of the sims, CCS is now monitoring for camping all by itself.

      If a meter identifies its user as a camper, the meter will immediately cease forward XP tick then at 60 minutes of ceased XP tick, it will tick XP backwards for up to 60 minutes before the meter detaches.

      Once a meter has reached 60 minutes of ceased tick, the meter will automatically page a Sim GM to its location, with a teleport link, so the GM can make a determination on whether further action need be taken.

      New HUD

      A newer, faster, smarter HUD has been added to the system, this HUD takes up less screen space and allows for access to all your key functionality. And has a few new features of its own

      Unlike our previous HUD and almost every other game based HUD in SL, the new CCS HUD uses Texpos message linking, allowing for us to use one single image to manage multiple functions. Rather than heavily loading a HUD object with multiple prims to achieve that affect, this will help in removing a good chunk of CCS's prim based resource overhead WARNING: Texpos Messagelinking ONLY works on SL Client Viewers version 1.20 and up, if you are using an older client, you will either need to upgrade to a recent client, or you can, conversely, use the old HUD, which will still be functional with the new meter.

      Visual XP Meter - You can now visually see your XP right on the HUD in a meter based format, if you want exact numbers, simply bring up your menu, click Info, then XP Info, and you will be given the exact numerial amount of XP you have, and how much XP you have left before you gain your next level

      Fully Functional Status Effect Warnings - The Status effect warnings system has been completely revamped to allow for status effect graphics to instantly rez to your HUD when you are affected by them, see the Quick Reference for the explanation of the new Status Effect Images

      GM Pager - You can now page a GM that is in your region, directly to your location, without having to open an IM at all, simply click the Question Mark link on your HUD and a GM in the region will be randomly assigned your page, and will teleport directly to you or contact you via IM to assist you. Should you recieve no response from the GM pager,the CCS Support Group, and your local CCS sim's community group are still available to you. See the HUD/Meter Page for a break down on the HUD and its functions.

      Improved Particle Systems Array

      As both a visual overhaul for its own sake and as a way to facilitate the addition of the caster class, the particle systems hub (commonly known as the "clusterfuck" has been vastly improved to allow for particle generation from multiple avatar points.

      With this improvement we've also taken the time to go through and create particle auras and visual cues for some of the most standard support abilities in the game, so no longer will it just be "-ARMORED-" above your'll visually look like you've got a defensive aura around your body.

      This particle systems improvement has allowed us to move particle variables to the back end completely, so if we design new ones, we don't have to update your meters, we simply just have to drop the new particle string into the database, then assign it a name, and then assign that name to an ability, this gives us an immense amount of flexibility in the continued tweaking and improvement of the CCS systems visuals, letting us change and adjust particle systems on the fly just as we can change and adjust abilities on the fly with no updates.

      Other Improvements

      • Added new defeated animation
      • Added new casting animation
      • Improved system communications for greater performance in high volume conditions

Chief Executive Officer/Lead Developer: Suzanna Soyinka

Chief Technical Officer/Lead Programmer: Melanie Milland

Chief Operations Officer/Head Engineer: Dimentox Travanti

Lead Community Manager/Head Administrator:She Juniper

Development Contributors:

Suzanna Soyinka
Melanie Milland
Jora Welesa
Dimentox Travanti
Eata Kitty
Maldoror Bowman
Grey Blankes
Kayla Stonecutter
Cody Woodhen
Sloan McCoy

Quality Analysis and Testing

The CoLA GM Staff
The Awesome CCS Community

A huge thank you to all our players, sim owners, sim affiliates, affiliate GMs, and their friends and families, without you all, we wouldn't be half as successful as we've become...thank you for a great three years!